A Cubert to suit all of your needs.


With endless options for customization and personalization, Cubert is designed to empower visionary creators of all stripes — from entrepreneurs and innovators, to artists and artisans. 


Ideal for venues that want to activate temporary spaces with style and ease, Cubert’s lightweight, modular design adapts to suit any environment — and requires no operating permits. Just bring your ideas and let ingenuity take flight.


Cubert draws people in with its eye-catching design, sparking connection and curiosity while allowing your brand to take center stage.

T-minus 60 minutes until event time. Just call Cubert.


1. Cubert arrives on a standard flatbed truck.


2. Cubert gets forklifted off the truck and assumes position


3. Cubert folds out, flips up and flies open.


4. Cubert hangs out with other Cuberts to create an unlimited amount of space.


5. Cubert gets set up with accessories that meet your event's needs.


6. Cubert is ready to party.



As featured in the New York Times

Jon Feldman, Stumptown’s vice president in charge of wholesale accounts, sees potential for growth at sites where specialty coffee couldn’t go before. “It’s hard to do what we do from any old place: power and water requirements, space constraints,” he said. “With Cubert you can open a small coffee outlet in the middle of a field,” for, say, a music festival.

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